Sunday, June 26, 2011

Regarding last night.

Week two has been pretty good to me and had a little bit more active chaplaining. I was finishing up my route, but Wednesday I had to switch it up to shoot back to the top of my circuit. One of my staffers had to go home for the summer to be with their family and grandfather, and it was just a stressful week on the staff. I wanted to make it up here to see the staffer off, but I was late. Fortunately, they called me on my way and we had a convo. They had been struggling with this for a while and were confident in their decision. I got here to see the staff and talk to a few of the staffers and the liaison that came in to take the open spot. All said, I lost one of my favorite staffers and liaison’s in one swoop. The liaison went to a staff I am serving, but she is not tech on support staff anymore, the point is she won’t be at our crazy support parties. It is a lot of fun to come to a staff where I feel like I can help. I brought stress-free toys, bubbles, puppy coloring books and silly putty (thanks Keri and Pam for guidance) for them to play with and get de-stressed. All in all I have confidence that they will come out the other side looking like champs.

Next week is the first week of making my own schedule, which is daunting. What if I make the wrong decision and go to a site that needs me less than another site? I will have to take my Internship supervisor at his word that “no one is going to live or die because a Chaplain did or did not visit.” Well… maybe this is not a direct quote but it sums up my experience at GMC. Still my job is to help and support staffers and I would like to do that well. So scheduling and prioritizing staff visits is somewhat of a intimidating task.

Tomorrow I am heading to the Breaks Interstate Park. It seems to be a pretty important ASP tradition. Most the staff will be there and everyone is really excited. I don’t know what to expect... but I think that I am excited.( I wrote this before I went). The breaks were cool but awkward considering I only know my staffs names so we had more people than I actually know there. The sunset was pretty and I got to swim. So win.

My new iPod arrived, this is good news because cd’s are annoying and I can now expand beyond what my staffs gave me (even though those mixes are great). My mommy ordered me some overalls, which means I will be even lazier when dressing and also fit in with my “overall wearing” staffers.

Days without showering 7
Projected days till next shower 3-4

My air-matterss is starting to feel like a real bed.

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