Friday, July 8, 2011

It was pretty obvious.

So its has been a while since I updated, so here it is. I am going great. I love my job, hard. Driving around is amazing. Hanging out and helping my staffs is really exciting and keeps me on my toes. I am watching "Love Actually" and loved the funeral at the beginning so I thought that I should ensure my funeral is equally awesome.

  • These are my wishes
    1. Regardless of how old I am "Only the good die young" should be played. 
    2. Everyone should cry once, but be happy most of the time
    3. I want to be cremated. 
    4. Tanner Smith, Chuck Geary, and Chris Corbin are currently in charge of arrangements, (this is subject to change as I will probably outlive most of them).
    5. God be with you till we meet again should be played. 
Kudos to Keri Smith and my Mommy who are the only people to have sent me mail so far. Get on it people. 

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