Sunday, June 5, 2011

Owl City cannot ruin Fireflies.

I am in Maggie Valley, North Carolina spending time with my friend Pam (and Keri who left today). It is really pretty, but still something of a culture shock. North Carolina has survived post-timber/ coal boom by turning to tourism that never traveled up to eastern Tennessee, West Virginia, western Virginia, and eastern Kentucky. While it still has its own issues they are covered over by relocated retirees, tourists, ski/ mountain resorts and national park traffic. It is definitely different, it is fun. 

These last few days have been a whirlwind of work and relaxation. Friday was load up day in Johnston City, the chaplains were posted loading administrative material into the vans (as far away from the tools as possible). We loaded 28 vans over 3 hours. It was a model of efficiency. Plus we found a million and a half old staff t-shirts that one of the admin said we could take them. So... free t-shirts. Yesterday everyone left for counties so half of support staff went to Middelboro, Ky to see X-Men: First Class. It was great to relax with some support staff, but the movie was terrible. It was like someone saw "Electra" or "Daredevil" and said "I can make a worse comic book movie." This is not a overstatement, it is quite simply a waste of time. However I only paid 3 dollars, so it was worth the money to sit in the air conditioning. 

Tomorrow Pam and I are going to venture to the World Heritage Methodist Museum at Lake Junaluska and possibly hit up some Blue Ridge PKWY. It will be a Methodist Mountain day.

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