Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

So here I am sitting in a Boeing 737-800, seat 25D on flight 413. There is something mildly strange about flying on Friday the 13th, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Also I am writing this between while I let Community buffer and the short bursts of watching it Delta internet allows me.

New Haven and New York where great. As expected Chris took us to some great New Haven eateries, ice creameries, and book stores. It was great to get to hang out with Tanner, Chris, and Chuck together again. We don't really get to see each other to often, so when we do it is a grand reunion. It hasn't been just the four of us sans girls since we all stopped being on Team together.

We stayed with Chris (Yale Divinity Student) in New Haven Tuesday and Wednesday night, and with Tanner's cousin Jeff in New York Thursday.  New Haven was quaint and very much what I pictured a New England town to look like. New York was crowded and kinda dirty, it was fun to visit and if I had to live their for a couple of years i would, but the entire time I lived in New York I would be looking for jobs in the south.

Thursday night Jeff took us out for dinner and drinks, he picked up our tab for the whole night, it was awesome. When I have a big boy job I will do the same for my siblings and friends. We got NY Pizza at John's Pizza which was delicious. Stopped in for a drink at some crazy theme bar, the theme was getting killed on an adventure. There were robot skeletons and dinosaur skulls that came alive and read the appetizer menu, its not as cool as it sounds. Then we went to a bar near Jeff's and hung out till 1 just talking, it was a good time. When our waitress came over around 12:30 to tell us she was going off the floor, but that the bar was open till 4, I don't think I have ever seen Tanner looks so amazed/confused. Bars open past 2 are a novelty to small towners like us.

We did not do a whole lot in the city, but I was really insistent we do something that was quintessentially New York. This eventually just became be asking when we were going to Central Park, every chance I got. The boys caved and we went to the park Friday morning before Tanner and I had to catch out flight back (road to subway there so I guess that's two New York things). We walked around, Tanner complained about carrying his bag, we found the bridge that is in every movie ever, climbed some sort of castle thing, and then Chuck and I unsuccessfully looked for a geocache, all in all it was a great time.

And now I am on a plane, watching 2-4 minutes of Community at a time. For the money I paid for this stupid connection I expected a whole lot more. But it is Friday the 13th. By the way I watched Friday the 13th (only 24 horror movies left), and I must say after watching it I can respect a cliche a whole lot more. I think half the horror movie cliches that we take for granted today, were actually effective devices of terror prior to the 80's. Let us not be quick to judge, unless we are judging airline internet connections. Those suck.

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