Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coming Attractions Summer 2011

The time is now fast upon us. The Summer of 2011! This summer I will be working for Appalachian Service Project as a staff chaplain, I will be working with 10 different sites throughout the western Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky area. My main responsibility is to make sure the staffs are not going crazy, are taking care of themselves, and are spiritually healthy. This job involves many hours of driving between sites (keep this in mind as it will be important later).

So this is my blog, a log of my thoughts and actions for the Summer of 2011, a summer of bear attacks, a summer of hunting down moonshine that has been filtered through the radiator, a summer of eating BBQ at backwoods shacks, a summer of life.

Now last summer I set for myself a goal. It was a simple goal, to watch all the seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I am pleased to say I succeeded. Now the summer of 2011 is upon me and I feel the need to continue this tradition. So I am reaching out to you, the Internet, for help. Keep in mind if I could achieve this goal while driving that would be amazing, and watching seasons of tv seasons is out, been there done that and now I have a firm grasp of a late 90's tv series.

Here are some things my friends have already suggested...
Learn a Language
Learn Klingon
Get a short story published
Master Mandolin or banjo
Learn to whittle
Quadruple my existing knowledge of knots
Do my own audio book of the bible
Listen to the complete audio book series of Sherlock Holmes

Suggestions? May the best man or woman win!

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  1. short story published, learn to play mandolin, get a tattoo, kickboxing.